Sunrise in the park

In September, in Big Beautiful Bucharest sun rises at 7 o’clock sharp. Not so early, I think. So, it is a perfect time to wake up my daughter and search for the sun in the park.

We were lucky enough to experience a wonderful time in the Alexandru Ioan Cuza park (former IOR park) yesterday. She was impressed by the colors of the sunrise. I was moved by the people. There was so many people wandering, running, strolling, walking with their dogs, riding their bikes or simply admiring the sun.







The George Enescu Festival – An incredible experience

George Enescu Festival – seen as an opportunity.

Serendipitous Lessons

On Friday my friend, who’s a music teacher, invited me out to a concert at the George Enescu festival. The festival is dedicated to Romania’s most famous composer, George Enescu, and it brings orchestras, musicians, and artists from all over the world to Bucharest in one classical music festival. I know that classical music is not everyone’s preference but for me it’s like a direct link to my soul. Classical and folk music tends to resonate with me than any other musical genre so Friday’s concert was a real treat for me.

My friend and I saw the St. Petersburg philharmonic orchestra. Some of the pieces played were familiar and the solo violinist, a Ukrainian named Vailery Sokolov, was “jamming” it out like he was a rock star (he definitely looked like it to me). And then there was another piece that I could not keep my eyes open for…

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Magic is real! George Enescu International Music Festival

George Enescu Festival is one of the most important cultural events in Bucharest.

Ana's Tours to Bucharest

George Enescu Festival

Every two years, Bucharest hosts one of the most famous festivals of classical music in the world, George Enescu Festival, a renowned event which lasts for 22 days. The present edition brings to Bucharest 2,500 musicians from all over the world, who will perform 58 indoor concerts at the Romanian Athenaeum and The Palace Hall. 

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The Stavropoleos Church

Big Beautiful Bucharest is full of paradoxes. Right in the middle of the old town, a place well-known for its crowded pubs, there is a small and beautiful church dating from the beginning of the 18th century, with an incredible interior garden, where you can immerse yourself into a whole different world.

The Stavropoleos Church is a place where you can regain your peace of mind. It is so small and simple and yet so fascinating. Just take a look at the photos:








Things to do in Bucharest

Things to do in Bucharest

Bucharest – as exotic a trip as you can get.

Ilona Around The World

Recently, my friend and I went to Bucharest for a weekend. We didn’t know much about the city when we booked the trip except that it was the capital of a country nobody of us had ever been to before and that it was about as exotic a trip as it can get if we didn’t want to fly too far. Getting there took much longer than expected but we still had an amazing time. If you ever go to Bucharest for a weekend, here are the things you should not miss.

  • Walking around the Old Town

    Colourful cafes everywhere Colourful cafes everywhere

    The Old Town is where you’ll find most attractions. There’s a church at almost every corner of the street, buildings are being renovated and this is the area where you’ll find the remains of Dracula’s castle. The Old Town is not only pretty but you will also find lots of…

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Something nice about Big Beautiful Bucharest – Day 30

On the Dâmbovița river banks life is always surprising to me.




As you may know the Dâmbovița river is crossing this lovely town, full of courageous and curious people, always eager to learn something new (the big public library you can see in the above pictures is often packed with all kind of peoples).

In the last 30 days I tried to convince you that Bucharest is an interesting place to live in. And I will go on to tell my story about this place. Maybe not on a daily basis, but systematically.

I do hope that you will have the opportunity someday to discover the beauty of this town of lovers. If so, do not hesitate to leave a comment on my blog dedicated to Bucharest.

Until then, have a good life !

Something nice about Big Beautiful Bucharest – Day 28

Imagine a peaceful Sunday of spring in Bucharest, when some locals are going for a walk along the Victoria Avenue, the well-known street of the town of lovers. The air is full of linden scent and French perfume. And the cakes of Casa Capșa, enjoyed on a street corner, are unbelievable.

So, when in Bucharest, do not miss out the Victoria Avenue. The life of Bucharest starts here.