Bucharest Christmas Market

Did you come to see the city lights downtown? Then you should not miss the Bucharest Christmas Market. It is situated right in the city center, just opposite the University of Bucharest. It’s a special place, crowded with young people and students, laughing, holding their hands, sipping a cup of hot wine with cinnamon. And then they are going home, carrying out with some secrecy a little bottle of Pălincă de Bihor, a traditional brandy – the old friends know what is all about 🙂






Excellent coffee, perfect wine

In Bucharest, the town of lovers, we take pleasure in spending quality time with our beloved. We always appreciate a good cup of coffee and a glass of red dry wine till late in night. We enjoy life, we know how to be happy and live life to the full. We like to talk interesting stuff, we love to dance, we have good sense of humor. We are delighted to eat a good meal (and one can find plenty of good food in Bucharest, the town of lovers).

I always wondered why are Romanians so alive, so colorful, so full of energy. And right now I think I know the answer. In Bucharest one can easily find excellent coffee and perfect wine. At affordable price (for instance, a bottle of red dry wine from 1997 can be bought at 10 euros). That’s making life better.