I think with my mind. And this is not a pleonasm!

Here, in Big Beautiful Bucharest, there are a lot of intelligent people. But, at the same time, they fail to think with their own mind.

An interesting article about pleonasms commonly used in Romanian language makes me think. If the expression “to hear with your own ears” and “to see with your own eyes” are pleonasms, then “to think with your own mind” is also a redundancy?

My answer is no. Because there are too many people who think, but they do not think with their own minds. They make inferences, have critical judgments, express opinions, make assessments, calculate. But they use mental models deeply rooted in their life. Mental models that they have never put in doubt. I mean, they are not stupid, they think, but not with their own minds. They remain prisoners of their own prejudices and prefabricated mental structures. They lack the courage to think with their own mind.


And if you do not believe me, I am just saying this to you:
Ce ne est pas un arbre.