Something nice about Big Beautiful Bucharest – Day 28

Imagine a peaceful Sunday of spring in Bucharest, when some locals are going for a walk along the Victoria Avenue, the well-known street of the town of lovers. The air is full of linden scent and French perfume. And the cakes of Casa Capșa, enjoyed on a street corner, are unbelievable.

So, when in Bucharest, do not miss out the Victoria Avenue. The life of Bucharest starts here.






The green town

Big Beautiful Bucharest, the town of lovers, is a green place. Where locals and tourists can have a stroll in the park, make jogging, ride their bikes (or borrow a bike for less than one euro an hour).

There are so many parks in Bucharest, so the real issue is to choose one. This time I’ll show you some beautiful places from Tineretului Park, one of the many big and tranquil parks of Bucharest. The air smells clean and sweet with the scent of wildflowers, conifers, nuts and lake (there is a lake larger than 13 hectares in its center).

Below you can find some fresh photos taken this morning in the Tineretului Park, one of the wonderful places of Big Beautiful Bucharest, the town of lovers.






How to get there? Take the subway and get off at the Tineretului stop. How can you get a bike? It’s so simple: just use an ID document (for instance, your passport) to rent a bike.

harta - parcul tineretului

Connected to the bike revolution

All over the world there is a bike revolution in the making. More and more people are ready to ride their bikes, forgetting about boring cars. They reject comfort and they choose joy instead. They give up security, but they are ready to experience wind and sun, they are eager to feel the rain, to smell the flowers. Because bike riders understand and obey the rules of simple life. They understand and value happiness.

Bucharest, the town of lovers, makes no exception of this. Today, Bucharest is an important part of the world bike revolution.

DSCN1286 - Copy