For those who love the past

There is a magical place in Big Beautiful Bucharest where you can experience one of the last caravanserais in the Balkans region: The Manuc’s Inn (Hanul lui Manuc). You can easily find it, next to the Old Court and the Saint Anton Church, on the French Street (Strada Franceză), in the Old Town.






Dumbrava Roșie Street

I consider the ultimate rule of a blogger is to listen to his readers. So, I am decided to obey this rule.

A few day ago, Florin commented that I missed the best street, right in the middle of my route. It was about Dumbrava Roșie street. Of course, I went back, having a look for myself.

I must agree with Florin, it is an amazing and mysterious street, with great and unique buildings (you will easily recognize again the neo-romanian architectural style). And also it is so close to the Ioanid park, a small but enchanting place.














harta - parcul ioanid - dumbrava rosie

Neo-Romanian architectural style

In the late 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century Bucharest was under the spell of France. The culture, the daily life of the middle and upper class, and especially the architecture were French inspired. Downtown, one can easily spot a lot of beautiful houses resembling those in Paris. Partly because of this, Bucharest was and is still called Little Paris.

Simultaneously, in the same period, a new unique architectural style flourished in Big Bucharest: Neo-Romanian. It is inspired from old churches and the Constantin Brâncoveanu (Prince of Wallachia between 1688 and 1714) architectural style. The distinguished feature of the style is the massive appearance, combined with arcades and verandas and towers. The buildings transmit power and confidence, strength of character and vigor of mind.

Where to find some nice buildings representative of the Neo-Romanian architectural style? I shall give you a hint now. Take the subway and get off at Piața Victoriei stop. You will easily discover the Geology Museum


and the Peasant Museum


and the well-known Casa Doina Restaurant


and a lot of other interesting buildings located on Duiliu Zamfirescu Street or on the Paris street.





For our tomorrow

Today I come across a touching message written on a simple but so impressive monument dedicated to the American soldiers who served in Romania in the Second World War: “They gave their today for our tomorrow”. The monument lies within Kiseleff Park (once a forest, as they say), just a few steps away from Piața Victoriei metro stop.

monument sua

Searching after beauty

I am ready to direct my attention to the beauty of the town I am living in. I feel that conducting a campaign of discovering the interesting people and places of Bucharest leads to something important. At least to me. This project, about Big Beautiful Bucharest, the town of lovers, is about focusing on good things. And I hope it can be a promising experience.

This time I shall insist on telling you about the old people from Bucharest. I want to draw your attention to the way they like to sit and wait on the benches in the parks.

I like old people in Bucharest especially in the morning, when the sun rises. I remembered my grandfather, with whom I went out to the house gate almost every morning to see how the sun rises behind a huge apple tree.


Photo credit: Ovidiu Neguț

Finding myself wandering aimlessly along the streets of Bucharest

I do pretend I know how to share with you the beauty of Bucharest, the town of lovers. I possess enough patience and optimism in order to identify interesting spots while walking through this town. And I want you to take part to my local strolling experience. Because in Bucharest one can come across plenty of lovely houses.


This time I propose you to walk with me through the center of Bucharest. It is a route I traveled a few days ago. Without anticipating anything, without calculating my steps. Just enjoying the beauty of the streets. I started my journey from the Anglican Church, and then heading towards Ion Voicu Park (former Ioanid Park). I arrived in Dacia Boulevard, the place with the most beautiful buildings of Bucharest. Once in the Spain Square, I left myself lost in the streets, no longer knowing where I am going. Enjoying the tranquility, peace, autumn.

I need to share with you some of the magic of my trip through Bucharest downtown. Below you can find some fresh photos.