The Stavropoleos Church

Big Beautiful Bucharest is full of paradoxes. Right in the middle of the old town, a place well-known for its crowded pubs, there is a small and beautiful church dating from the beginning of the 18th century, with an incredible interior garden, where you can immerse yourself into a whole different world.

The Stavropoleos Church is a place where you can regain your peace of mind. It is so small and simple and yet so fascinating. Just take a look at the photos:








Things to do in Bucharest

Things to do in Bucharest

Bucharest – as exotic a trip as you can get.

Ilona Around The World

Recently, my friend and I went to Bucharest for a weekend. We didn’t know much about the city when we booked the trip except that it was the capital of a country nobody of us had ever been to before and that it was about as exotic a trip as it can get if we didn’t want to fly too far. Getting there took much longer than expected but we still had an amazing time. If you ever go to Bucharest for a weekend, here are the things you should not miss.

  • Walking around the Old Town

    Colourful cafes everywhere Colourful cafes everywhere

    The Old Town is where you’ll find most attractions. There’s a church at almost every corner of the street, buildings are being renovated and this is the area where you’ll find the remains of Dracula’s castle. The Old Town is not only pretty but you will also find lots of…

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