Something nice about Big Beautiful Bucharest – Day 27

I remember clearly when McDonald’s came to Bucharest, twenty years ago. The first McDonald’s restaurant was a great joy for young people of Bucharest. And it is still a nice place for small talks, dating, flirting, business.

I hope this feelings of joy, love and liberty associated with McDonald’s will go on in Bucharest.




Let there be Love

The wax cherry tree has gone mad right in front of our window. His tiny white flowers simply explode.
It is Spring in Bucharest, again. So, let there be Love in the town of lovers.





And one more thing. Wax cherry tree (corcoduș in Romanian) is, to my mind, the most common tree in south of Romania (and Bucharest, of course). Why is wax cherry tree so loved in this part of the world I do not know. All I know it is a wild and beautiful tree. And that it reminds me of my childhood. Especially in spring.

Bucharest Christmas Market

Did you come to see the city lights downtown? Then you should not miss the Bucharest Christmas Market. It is situated right in the city center, just opposite the University of Bucharest. It’s a special place, crowded with young people and students, laughing, holding their hands, sipping a cup of hot wine with cinnamon. And then they are going home, carrying out with some secrecy a little bottle of Pălincă de Bihor, a traditional brandy – the old friends know what is all about 🙂