We love flowers in Bucharest

In my opinion, the first post of a blog must be an explanatory one. So, this is both a text about a flower-loving town and a short explanation about the intention of this blog.

I decided to write about my beautiful Bucharest not for others, but for myself. This is an easy way to look at my birth town with the eyes of a tourist. Discovering the beauty of this town. Improving my life. Inviting others to discover this place.

This place is beautiful because it is full of loving people, generous people, people eager to share their love, people ready to detect beauty in others or to identify beauty in small ordinary things. Bucharest is the town of lovers. Bucharest is a town of joy. Bucharest is a flower-loving town. Welcome to Bucharest, the town of lovers!

One of the first striking aspects of my beautiful Bucharest is the need of growing and admiring flowers. You can see flowers all over. If you like flowers Bucharest is the place for you.

A few examples: